Friday, October 29, 2010

Update on my stories....

Just thought I would give you a little update so that all of you who are interested in following my stories know that I have not totally abandoned them! I am currently in the process of revising them and editing them in order to put them onto the web-site, Fictionmania. When I have a few on there, I will post the link and once I am happy with all the revisions, then I promise to continue all of my story threads on here!

My main reason for revising them is that as they appear on here, some of the installments are a little rough around the edges. By adding them to Fictionmania, I hope to make them more cohesive and better link them all together! I will not be editing them on here because I want them to stand as they are on my Blog in their original form and anyone who prefers reading them with the pictures can still do so. But there are elements of some of the stories that I am less than happy about here which is why I a taking this opportunity to smooth them out as well as bringing them to a wider audience!

Hope this clears up any doubts that anyone might have had that I had abandoned any of my ongoing fiction! And I hope that when I DO post the link, if you do not check them out in the meantime on Fictionmania, that all of you will check out the finished products over there!

Love you all and thanx for being loyal xxxxx Sophie xxxx

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