Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Not just another Halloween story....(Part Seven)

When Shauna emerged from the bathroom, all showered and freshly perfumed with her girlfriend's "Cute As Candi" fragrance, Tina had already bathed and dressed in the guest bedroom and was standing waiting for her. She had dug out some of her old clothes for Shauna to wear over the sexy lingerie she had set out for her and, once Shauna was dressed, quickly helped her apply some subtle, under-stated make-up and attach the long, flowing red wig she wanted her lover to put on. Shauna stared at herself in the mirror, nervous at the thought of her first trip outside the house dressed as a woman! But not as nervous as she thought she might be surprisingly. The heady scent of Tina's new fragrance seemed strangely calming and relaxing!

"I'm not sure about this..." Shauna whimpered, "Maybe we should leave my first trip out in public for a few days until I feel a bit more confident! I'm not sure I'm ready to be seen like this!"

"Nonsense," Tina insisted, eyeing up Shauna in all her glory, "this will be a test of all we practised yesterday and, besides, you can't keep wearing my old need a wardrobe of your own and Debbie has taken today off work especially for this little shopping trip of ours!" Shauna had made quick progress, Tina decided. Underneath her outer clothes, Shauna's now-feminine figure was perfectly enhanced by the tight body-shaping basque, false breasts, stockings and panties she was wearing and, just from the way she was standing, Tina could tell that Shauna was already beginning to accept being dressed in women's clothes without any question! This was going to be much easier than she had either thought or expected!

 Debbie met the girls in town half an hour later. Their first stop was a shoe shop where Shauna tried on a various selection of different shapes and styles from sensible flats to sexy high heels. Although she felt a bit unbalanced still walking in heels, Shauna tried to remember everything Tina had taught her yesterday about keeping her back straight and looking directly ahead and not down at where she was walking. There were a couple of pairs that immediately caught Shauna's eye and she walked up and down in them several times to both Tina and Debbie's approval. For some unknown reason, Shauna loved the way that the heels felt around her feet and had to keep reaching down and gliding her hands over her stocking-clad ankles until she reached where they met the shoes. Once, she even caught herself purring with delight and wondered if she was developing a shoe fetish! 

Debbie, who DID have a foot fetish, began getting aroused too...watching Shauna walking up and down the store, modeling for the girls, and slowly felt her panties starting to dampen! When Shauna slipped on a pair of strappy gold heels, Debbie could not help herself any longer and began rubbing her own hands up and down Shauna's stockinged legs, slipping the point of the heel Shauna was wearing between her lips and sucking on it like a little clitty! 

It was at this point that the sales assistant, who had also been taking a keen interest in Shauna and the girls came over. Debbie let go of the heel and tried to appear nonchalant, unsure what had just come over her! Tina just smiled and looked the assistant up and down hungrily. 

"Can I help at all?" He asked quietly confident. "We're okay," Tina told him, "but our friend Shauna here  was hoping you might help her try on a pair of these...." She passed the assistant a pair of the heels Shauna had been trying on then dragged Debbie away to look at the displays on the other side of the store. As she passed Shauna, Tina whispered something in her ear that Debbie could not quite hear along the lines of "I think he likes you, tease him a little!"

A second later, both girls watched as Shauna slyly rubbed a stocking-clad foot up and down the sales assistant's crotch without a seconds hesitation. Gazing into his eyes, the girls heard her tell him "I think I'll take them all.....and your number too if that's not a problem..." Both Tina and Debbie broke into giggles, amazed at what had just happened. As for Shauna, she did not know what had just come over her, it was as if she had heard a little voice in her brain telling her what to do and say almost whether she wanted to or not! 

Quickly the girls grabbed Shauna's purchases and exited the store as fast as possible. Debbie turned to Tina as they were leaving and whispered, "What was all THAT about...?" Tina shook her head...

"I'm not sure," She told her friend, "But it was naughty and I think I liked it......I'm not sure how, but I think our girl Shauna is taking over Tom's old personality! Ready for some more fun...?"

{To Be Continued...}

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