Tuesday, July 13, 2010

First time caught and feminised: First day at the office (Part Five)

Previously: I had been caught dressed en femme as "Aimee" by my wife and made to wear sexy lingerie under my business suit at work. But my secretary, Rachael, had discovered my secret and was just as turned on as my wife had been!

Now: Rachael pulled off my wife's dirty panties that she'd been wearing and slipped them in my hand. "Here," she said, "you had better have these back or you might get in trouble!" I went to move past her but she reached out and stopped me."Wait," she said and, reaching down, slipped three fingers back inside her moist, wet snatch. Pulling them out, she smeared her juices all along the bottom of my nose, just below my nostrils, and across my lips. "I want you smelling and tasting my pussy all the way home," Rachael told me, "and I want you thinking all about ME when you're with your wife because I'M going to be thinking of you all night, you dirty little office SLUT!"

"Please," I begged her pathetically, "don't tell any of the other girls in the building!" Rachael put her hands on her hips and smiled. "Don't worry," she said, "I don't intend to share your secret with anybody else.....just yet! It'll just be between you and me...and that naughty, kinky wife of yours!" Quickly I left and hurried downstairs to the car where my wife was waiting. Behind me, I could hear Rachael still laughing to herself....

That night, on the way home, my wife made me drive. I was all too aware of the fact that she wasn't wearing any panties and every so often, my wife
would lift up her short skirt and slide her hand up and down her stocking tops; teasing us both and making me in particular extremely and unbearably horny. When she had finished with that game, she then unzipped my flies and began stroking and toying with my now once more aching cock through the dirty panties she had insisted I wear. By the time we eventually reached home, both of us were so horny it was unbelievable. I wanted to cum...really, really badly and I wanted to do it all over my wife's stocking clad thighs and then be made to lick it up. With that last thought, I found myself asking what the fuck was wrong with me? It was almost as though I was changing...that with every passing hour, my Sissy persona, Aimee, was becoming stronger, more dominant and closer to taking over ..but that was just plain ridiculous ..wasn't it?

After a quick dinner, My wife made me have another bath and go and put on some very subtle make-up. I was told to spray myself with more of her new perfume, which, I reminded myself, my company would soon be promoting, and put on the clothing she had set out for me whilst I was in the bath . "Tonight," she told me, "I would only be allowed to please her, pleasure her and cum as a woman!" The nightdress and robe she had put out for me was very, very sexy. Made of tight, red satin, it hugged my body and, with the breast forms, made me feel very horny and desirable. When my wife entered the room several seconds later, I noted that she too was sexily dressed but that her outfit was in sexy, girly pink and black with long, black satin opera gloves and naughty fishnet stockings.

"Tonight," she told me, "I am going to fuck you senseless Aimee J, like the dirty little fuck-toy that you are, and I expect you to likewise return the favour! Tonight, you are going to be my naughty lesbian lover and I am not going to let you sleep until I've climaxed all over that pretty little face of yours!" I let out a soft whimper and a moan as my wife moved towards me, knowing I was powerless to resist...and knowing that I no longer wanted to!

Within seconds, she was all over me. Her mouth hungrily devouring mine, our tongues combining as I felt her gloved hands sliding all over my own lingerie-clad body and across my artificial breasts. I had never known my wife to have had any lesbian sexual fantasies before, but it seemed as though discovering me dressed had opened up a whole new forbidden world for her that she had never been able to admit to until now! She seemed unable to stop herself, out of control, and the feeling was rapidly becoming mutual!

"Ooooh Aimee," I heard my wife moaning as her mouth slowly moved down to caress
my throat, my neck, the tops of my fake breasts...teasing me with her tongue, "You're just sooo hot, soooo sexy! So very, verrry sexy.....make me wet honey, lick my pussy...oh god, Aimee pleeeease...make me cum!" She pushed me down onto the bed hard as her body moved up to straddle my head with her thighs. As my wife ground her sopping wet pussy down on my face, I did my best to please her. Judging from the gasping, panting and moaning, I figured I must be doing a good job! "Oh, that's it," she cried, "that's it just there! Lick my clit sweetie, don't stop, don't stop....that feels so gooooood! Oh god, fuck me Aimee, fuck me with your tongue!" Her hands were now playing with her own tits, pulling at her erect nipples, driving herself crazy with both wanton and abandoned lust. My own clit was aching, straining against the satin of my panties, but I knew that it was just a question of me being patient. Mistress Molly, my wife, would let me have MY release only when she had finished achieving hers! And that was the way it should be....

It was after my wife had come for the second or third time that she pulled off me and reached across into her bedside cabinet, returning with a pair of dildos! "I told you Aimee," she said, "tonight you only get to cum as a woman...and that means I get to fuck you like a woma
n!" She slipped my dildo between my lips and urged me to start sucking. "That's it sweetie...." she told me, "get it nice and wet...lick it, suck it...feel it getting bigger, harder.....don't fight it, you know you want this! You love feeling that big, strong cock between your lips don't you hon!" I heard myself moaning, felt my head nodding in assent. I knew I was asking for something and giving my wife permission in return! As I felt her coming behind me, lubing me up and slipping the dildo up between the cheeks of my arse, I heard myself begging for more, for her to fuck me deeper! Suddenly I didn't just want but needed her to fuck me!

Within minutes of her working my G-spot, stroking my aching member as she did so and moaning dirty, naughty talk in my ear whilst she toyed with her sexy new lesbian lover, I felt myself climaxing into my panties. I came like I had never done before, so much so that I swore I could feel it dripping down my thighs!

"That," my wife told me, "is just the beginning.....the night is young and our fun for tonight has only just begun!"

{To Be Continued>>>}

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