Friday, June 11, 2010

First time caught and feminised {Part Four}

The first thing my wife made me do once dinner was over, was go upstairs and run a nice hot, feminine bubble bath and clean myself using all of her most girliest girly bath products. On the bathroom side was a bottle of body spray called "Cute As Candi", a brand I had never heard of before, and I was directed to spray myself literally all over with that before emerging into the bedroom where she had laid out my new night-time attire. Under no circumstances was I allowed to touch myself or I would be locked away in chastity. Believe me, lying in that bath feeling all girly and feminine, it was very hard for me to not get excited!

When I emerged. I found some of the contents of my wife's shopping trip
laid out upon our bed. The first thing I noticed was a clear see-through bra with two realistic breast-forms attached and besides this a note saying "wear this for me took me lots of searching to find these and they WEREN'T cheap!" Feeling more than just a bit silly, I slipped on the bra and was surprised how sexy it suddenly made me feel. With two firm mounds protruding from my chest, two mounds that looked incredibly life-like when pressed up against my body, I felt more like a woman than I ever had before and really as though these new breasts were a part of me. Next came a sexy satin baby-doll with slits running all down the side and besides it sat the dark wig I had been wearing earlier. Feeling the smooth satin material of the baby-doll as it slipped over my freshly bathed, perfumed skin sent shivers down my spine and I had to bite my lips from moaning as the long tresses of my wig fell over my shoulders. After both of these, came a pair of sexy patterned stockings, black high-heeled pumps and a pair of silky french knickers. Watching myself in the mirror as I slipped each item on, I felt myself becoming more and more turned on and the transition into Aimee becoming more complete than I had ever known before. My wife, I thought, had really excelled herself so far...who knew what else she had in store!

After applying subtle make-up, I turned this way and that before the full length mirror in our bedroom, admiring my sexy new look. On the bedside cabinet beside my side of the bed, my wife had put what I thought were the final additions for tonight; a blue pill and a round, black cock-ring...both things I had seen before but never thought to try. A note besides them read "Take me and slip this on!" Not wanting to ruin my wife's plans for this evening, I did as requested and swallowed the pill and slipped the cock-ring down around the base of my clit. The ring was tight, cut into the skin, and I knew there was no danger of my little man letting me down tonight. The combination of the pill and the ring would keep me hard well until we had finished tonight and already I felt myself more horny and aroused than I had even been this morning. I called down to my wife that I was ready and I heard her ascending the stairs before swishing into the bedroom!

My wife was wearing a black satin mini-dress, tight bla
ck stockings and suspenders and very little else. Seeing me, she let out a delighted gasp and told me I looked hornier than even she had expected. "Meet A...."I began, introducing my female persona, but she held a finger to my lips and stopped me. "Not yet," she told me. "Save it, I want to hear you moaning like a girl first; I want you to pleasure me like my naughty lipstick lesbian lover and I want to hear your girly moans as you do so. Then, when you're done, I'm going to lay you down and fuck you....hard... and I want you to scream and cry out your name just as you explode your hot, wet cum inside of me." Her hand slid up my stockings and began caressing my bottom through my silky panties. Her lipsticked mouth descended on mine and I felt her tongue teasing me, running up and down my lips before forcing its way inside of me as she pulled our bodies close. I groaned as she wriggled and writhed up against me, the cool satin of our lingerie sending electric shocks down my spine as we touched and my trapped clit getting even bigger, harder in my naughty black knickers. I felt my own hands gliding over her body, touching everywhere that elicited a positive response as I forcibly kissed her back then moaned in as girly a voice as I could muster as she ground herself up against me hard. With my hands now on her tits, stroking and teasing her aching nipples through the satin of her tight dress causing her to whimper in delight, she forced me to my knees and between her soaking wet thighs. I could smell her excitment soaking through her panties as I took them in my teeth and pulled them from her body then proceeded to tongue and lick her hot, wet snatch causing her to climax all over my face. Her moans and groans were doing nothing but turning me on more and more and, as I continued to tongue her to bliss, I reached down and began stroking myself through my own satin panties. A large spot of pre-cum had already left me damp and I knew it would not be long before I lost control. My wife, sensing this pulled me up and threw me face-up on the bed. Quickly she pulled down my knickers and I felt something cool, wet and sticky being applied to my bottom. "If you want to be a girl," she told me, "you need to know what it feels like to be penetrated like a girl!" I let out a gasp as she slipped a butt-plug up inside of me then pushed my bottom down, forcing it in deeper. A second later, she climbed on top of me and slid her tight, wet pussy down my engorged shaft. With every thrust, every motion, I felt the plug inside of me...stretching me, filling me...making me realise what it must feel like to be fucked like a woman. I began moaning louder and louder...begging my wife to fuck me harder, to fuck me like the dirty little slut I was.....and just as she sensed me starting to cum, she told me to scream out my femme cry out in pleasure the name I wanted her to call me from now on!

" name is Aimee," I cried,"and I'm your dirty little slut!" And as I pulled out of her pussy, I felt myself exploding all over her lacy, stockinged thighs.

"Aimee....I like it." My wife told me as she collapsed there besides me. "I think me and Aimee are going to have lots and lots of fun!"

(To Be Continued....)

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