Monday, June 14, 2010

First time caught and feminised (Part Five)

That was just the beginning....before I had even had a chance to recover, my wife, or Mistress Molly as she now wanted me to call her, began running her hands up and d
own her soaking wet thighs. Scooping up my cum on her fingers, she slowly began smearing my juices all across her heavily painted lips before slipping her fingers sensuously into her mouth and licking them She then reached over and mashed her lips hungrily against mine as she forced her tongue deep inside my mouth and orally raped me; her other hand slipping down between my thighs to toy with my plug. I heard myself whimpering, moaning like a little Sissy Gurl but there was nothing I could do. The incredible sensations running through my body, my hard, aching clit ~ unable to go down after the blue pill I had taken and the cock ring around its base, even had it wanted to ~ and the taste of my own wet cum in my mouth were all combining to drive me crazy with wanton lust and desire. I had never tasted my own cum before but, surprisingly, it was not unpleasant! I found myself kissing my wife back hard, lashing her lips with my eager tongue and groaning with disappointment when she pulled away and began moving slowly down my body. My disappointment didn't last for long though as I felt her tongue now circling the head of my clit, her lips moving up and down my engorged shaft!

"Ooooh Aimee," I heard her gasping, "Fuck me Aimee...Fuck my face you dirty bitch! Fuuuuck me!" After a couple of moments, she moved back up the bed towards my head and kissed me hard on the mouth once more. This time I could taste both our juices...hers and mine combined in a sweet, intoxicating nectar. "By the way...I haven't finished with the toys yet..." she whispered and reached under the bed!

Before I could say anything or react, my wife had fastened a black leather strap combination all around my head. I wasn't sure exactly what was going on but I felt a hard, plastic phallic shape entering my mouth and looking down, could see another protruding from my mouth from the opposite side, facing my wife. As she tightened the belt around my neck, I tried to speak but my new penis gag prevented anything apart from a few grunts and moans. I felt a small string of saliva fall as my mouth now tried to accommodate the foreign object trapped between my lips. "Oh are soo gonna love this" my wife told me as she swivelled round and prepared to lower her pussy on my face. "This is going to make me sooo wetttttt..." this last was uttered as her stockinged thighs clamped hard around my head and I felt her pussy enveloping the dildo protruding from my lips. With every thrust on my face, she began eagerly deep-throating my cock in return until we found ourselves in a rhythm; a kinky, sexy sixty-nine ~ my wife moving down on me as hard as I thrust back into her. As I felt her starting to climax on top of me, I reached up and took hold of either side of her buttocks...pulling her down on my face harder and harder. The plastic dildo trapped between my painted lips was stretching me wide and I felt just like I imagined a porn actress would getting double-fucked in both her cunt and her mouth at the same time! With one hand, my wife began pulling my butt-plug to within an inch of coming out before pushing it back in its full length and, as I came close to exploding with all the pleasure and excitement my body was experiencing, I heard myself crying out....almost screaming....with orgasm and wild abandon. Though I couldn't talk, in my head I was screaming out my femme name once more ("Aimee...Aimee...OH GODDDD....MY NAME....IS......AIMEEEEEEEEEEEE!") and I lost all track of space and time as me and my wife both came at once...hard.....her several times in quick succession.

"Oooooh goddd Aimee...I love this new you!" My wife told me as she took the penis gag, still wet from her own juices, deep inside her mouth. "You are
such a delicious naughty little slut!"

(To Be Continued.....NEXT: First day in the office!)

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