Monday, June 14, 2010

First time caught and feminised: First day at the office (Part One)

The next morning I woke up still dressed in my lingerie and wondering if last night had all been a dream but the ache in my bottom from where the butt-plug had been (and a curious sense of emptiness) combined with the salty taste in my mouth from where I had swallowed my own cum and my stiff jaw from the penis-gag I had been made to wear persuaded me otherwise. I was still incredibly horny and I put that down to the effects of the blue pill I had taken still racing through my body. I jumped into the shower and had just begun soaping myself (my wife had already removed all my male products so I had no choice but to use her feminine, girly scents) when I heard the bathroom door open behind me...a second later, I felt hands around my clit as my wife moved into the shower with me, still dressed in her lingerie."Ooooh're STILL hard..." she moaned, her fingernails running up and down my erect shaft before moving down to tease my balls. "'d be such a shame to waste this!" She said and with that got down on her knees and enveloped my manhood in her hot, wet mouth. Her own hands slipped between her thighs, holding herself open and fingering her pussy as her head bobbed up and down my aching cock. She looked so horny there, her hair dripping wet, the water running down over her lingerie soaking it to the skin. I could only imagine the feelings that must be going through her as the water ran down over the sensitive, wet material of her lingerie. I could tell it was turning her on from the moans and gasps she was letting out and the way her nipples stood out through her tight, wet satin bra. As if reading my mind, one hand reached up and began stroking and fondling her breasts as she pumped her fingers in and out of her gaping pussy with the other. As for me, the alternating sensations of my wife's mouth on my clit and the warm water of the shower were combining to make me want to explode! Pulling her up, I forced my mouth on hers and began kissing her hard; our tongues once again clashing in orgasmic passion. I could tell neither of us were going to be long, so gently laid her down in the bath and began pumping into her as hard as I was able. Within moments, both of us were screaming as we both exploded in orgasm; me first then her a second later as my hot seed erupted inside of her. "See," I told her, "sometimes there are advantages to me being a man...." "Maybe I like having the best of both worlds," she replied and gave me a wink as she sashayed out of the bathroom, leaving a wet trail where she walked.

After we had both showered properly, my wife laid out the sexy lingerie she wanted me to wear underneath my business suit. It was all satin, lace and garters and I panicked that someone might be able to tell what I was wearing if they looked too hard. "You'll be fine," my wife assured me, "and besides that basque does wonders for your figure!" Her fingernails traced their way down my spine causing me to shiver. I had to admit that the thought of this WAS giving me a naughty, sexy thrill but still I was worried!

"And what about this suit?" I asked, slipping into my new blouse and business jacket. "Are you sure I can get away with this?" "Of course you can, " my wife said again. "this is a metro-sexual time we are living in...nobody will even blink an eye. I must admit, you do look hot though," she said, stroking me through the dirty panties she was making me wear. "Like a naughty lipstick lesbian Slut. I can't wait to get you home tonight! I want you to be thinking about what I have planned for you all day today. But touchies or I lock our little toy away..... " She licked her lips salaciously.

I went to pull up my trousers. "Wait," my wife told me, "I think you're forgetting something!" She pushed me over the bedside table and applied wet lube to my bottom again, slipping in the butt plug I had been wearing last night then pulling up my panties. "This will help you feel extra naughty" she said and slapped me on my rump... hard. I felt the plug move inside of me and stifled
a little moan...."Ahhhh does my Sissy like that?" she asked me and giggled. "Who's a man NOW then?" I turned to face my wife and hung my head as I finished getting dressed. "Please Mistress Molly," I begged, "Don't make me wear the plug, it's so big inside me...I'll do anything, I promise..." "You'll wear the plug and you'll like it!" She told me, "Now go and get in the car, it's time to start your new life in the office....SLUT!"

I looked my wife over and knew she wasn't wife was now in control and there was nothing I could do to stop it!

(To Be Continued....)

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