Tuesday, June 29, 2010

First time caught and feminised: First day at the office (Part Three)

The rest of the morning passed by fairly smoothly as I caught up on the work I had missed yesterday during my day off. My secretary, Rachael seemed to be in a particularly flirtatious and playful mood that day, only a little more so than normal if I am really honest, but her continual bending over to pick things up in front of me that she had dropped, whenever I had to leave my office, and the constant glimpses of her stocking-tops that she kept 'accidentally' awarding me were certainly not helping in my highly aroused state. On a couple of instances, she was forced to brush up against me in the corridors and I had to stifle my gasps of pleasure as I felt her pushing her bottom playfully backwards into my crotch as we passed. When I felt her hand brush my leg on one occasion, I found myself trembling and convinced that she was going to feel my stockings and suspenders hidden under my business suit! But if she noticed anything unusual, she never said anything; she just gave me a playful, and cheeky, peck on the cheek with a sly and naughty wink!

At lunchtime, I received a package sent through the internal post. A note inside read "I want you to wear these for the rest of the day! Your Mistress, Molly xxx" and with it were the black panties that my wife had been wearing earlier and that I had watched her pleasuring herself in on the E-mail she had sent me that morning! The note also insisted that I was to change my panties in the ladies toilets but that I wasn't to pleasure myself in any way! Lifting the damp panties to my face, I could smell the intoxicating scent of my wife's pussy and the thought of her upstairs, without any knickers on, started to really excite me.

As soon as the coast was clear and I thought all the girls on my floor had go
ne to lunch, I rushed to the ladies and, after making sure no one was about and that the toilets were empty, I rushed into a cubicle. I had just changed my naughty knickers and pulled up my trousers when I heard somebody entering! Lifting my feet and looking through a gap in the door, I saw it was Rachael, my secretary, and as she quickly slipped into the cubicle next to mine, I held my breath, waiting to be caught! After a moment or two, I soon realised that she didn't even realise I was there and I began to hear heavy breathing and deep, panting sighs coming from next door. There was a small hole nearly at eye-level, just above the toilet roll holder and, desperately trying not to make a sound, I lowered my head and peered through; naively intrigued as to what she was doing! I nearly got the shock of my life when I realised she was masturbating!!!

Her fingers were working themselves in and out of her hot, wet snatch and, as I watched, she started to increase her pace faster and faster. I had to bite my lip as she swapped hands, bringing her wet fingers up to her mouth so she could taste her juices and then I realised exactly what it was she was moaning!

"Fuck me Mr.J....fuck me hard....pump my pussy, make me cum......oooh god....you're so big...so hard...I want you inside of me.....fucking me, filling me.....I want to feel you in my pussy....oh god, Mr.J, you're so naughty....oh god...fuck me...fuck me...fuuuuccckkkk me!"

With something of a shock, I realised she was moaning my name. Rachael was fantasising about me and as she pleasured herself, I was sitting in the cubicle next to her, dressed in my wife's lingerie! I waited until Rachael reached her climax before quickly exiting my cubicle and the ladies toilets while she was distracted!

It wasn't until I was safely back inside my office that I realised in my panic that I had left my wife's old panties, the ones that I had been wearing earlier, on the floor of the cubicle I had just been hiding in! One way or another, Rachael was now going to realise that she hadn't been alone in the ladies when she had been playing with herself and I only prayed that she didn't guess it was me who had been watching and listening to her cum!

I felt a sinking feeling settling in my stomach as I waited nervously for Rachael's return and while I was waiting, I found my eye drawn to the Advertising proposal my boss had dropped on my secretary's desk yesterday whilst I had been out of the office! It was for a new scent called "Cute As Candi" and was the same fragance that I had found in our bathroom and that my wife had encouraged me to use whilst I was dressed as "Aimee!" Too much of a coincidence, I wondered again for the second time that day, or a integral part of what had happened to me over the last couple of days?

I decided I needed to know more.....

(To Be Continued....)

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