Friday, May 28, 2010

First time caught and feminised {Part Two}

It was my day off and, with my wife at work, I had dressed in her dirty panties and a set of my own hidden lingerie, painted my face and transformed myself into my secret female persona, Amiee ~ as I often did when I was alone. I was just admiring myself in the bedroom mirror when I heard a noise behind me and turning, found my wife watching me from the doorway; horny, aroused by my cross dressing and extremely turned on! It was obvious that she had come home early specifically to catch me out but, before we could talk, she had thrown me on the bed and fucked me like w
e had never previously made love before! Now, some time later as we sat across the Kitchen table from each other, I found myself trembling with nervous excitement at what might follow now my sexy secret was finally out in the open....

Now.... "So how long have you known?" I asked my wife as we sat across from each other; her stockinged foot slowly stroking and teasing me between my thighs, underneath the table. She had insisted I remain dressed while we had our "little conversation" and I was wondering just how horny this was making her. She hadn't been able to keep her hands off of me ever since I had been caught and even now, I could see her hungrily licking her lips as she thought about what she wanted to do with (to?) me!

"A little while..." she responded with a sultry smile. "I discovered some of the Web-sites that you had visited and not deleted from the computer's history and decided to check them out. I must say I was surprised when I saw what you had been looking at but slowly, the more images I saw, the more I realised how much it was turning me on looking at those Sissy pictures and imagining it was you dressed up in naughty, sexy lingerie! Of course, I never could have imagined you'd look quite so hot...quite so.... sexy" Her lips pouted and she blew me a sexy kiss across the table before hungrily licking her lips once more. "I can't remember the last time I was this wet! Seeing you like this is just turning me on soooo bad!"

"I've decided I want you dressed like this from now on whenever you're at home!" She continued, now standing up and straightening out her tight black skirt and sexy white satin blouse, rubbing her stockinged thighs together as she did so. "I'll
buy you some more female clothes later after work and from now on, you will dress ONLY as I tell you to dress! You will wear ONLY what I tell you to wear! Under your work clothes, starting tomorrow, I want you wearing stockings and suspenders EVERY DAY and I want you to wear a pair of my dirty panties so everyone can smell my pussy on you and know that you are mine! You will address me simply as Mistress Molly whenever we are alone; you are not allowed to touch yourself without my permission; you are not allowed to cum without my permission and every time you even so much as glance at another woman, I want you to imagine what it must be like to BE that woman; to wear her clothes and to walk around knowing that you are a dirty, naughty cock-tease and that all the men around you just want to use you like the filthy slut you are! Fail to comply and I will put you in chastity. Obey and we can both enjoy your naughty little secret together. But remember this ~ the only certainly is that YOU WILL be dressing as a woman from now on whenever we're together!" "What about the rest of today...?" I asked nervously, unsure of where this was all going. "Well, you're dressed like a woman so you can do woman's work!" My wife replied. "Pick a blouse and skirt out of my wardrobe and you can do all the housework today and save me a job. You can cook dinner too! And don't even think of bunking off and just visiting your usual web-sites either," she shrewdly carried on, "because I have set up hidden web-cams all round the house and I will be watching you periodically. Oh...and if anyone comes to the door, make sure you answer it! I want everyone to know what a naughty, secret Sissy you are and I don't want to hear of any callers being turned away or I will be forced to punish you, again with chastity! Do you have a femme name...?" She asked, raising her eyebrows...."Yes Mistress Molly," I answered, "it's..." but she held up her hand and stopped me. "Not yet," my wife told me, "save it for tonight, I want to hear you screaming it out loud when I eventually let you cum! I want you to think about that all day. All the naughty things I am going to be doing to you later! Because I know I will be..." She turned and grabbing her handbag from the hall, looked over her shoulder as she said "I'm heading back to the office now, but I'll see you later...darling!" "Wait," I cried, "You're not going to tell anyone at the office about this are you?" I started but she was gone and out the door before I could even so much as kiss her goodbye. For a moment, I sat there; silently contemplating everything my wife had just outlined to me about the way our future life together was about to go. Then, remembering the web-cams, I figured I had better get up, grab a blouse and skirt and start my duties. Very quickly, it seemed, the hierarchy had changed. And right now, I wasn't too sure how I felt about all this....

{To Be Continued...}

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