Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Auntie Jayne's family secrets......(Part One)

Previously: I was 15 when I first realised I was a Sissy. My Auntie Jayne unlocked feelings in me I had never fully acknowledged before and showed me my full potential.She was my teacher, my mentor and helped me
to become the naughty, dirty Sissy Slut I am today. But I was not her first.....

I had been sent to stay with my Auntie Jayne for the summer whilst my mother worked overseas. This was the first day and Auntie had come home to catch m
e in her panties, pleasuring myself over a naughty picture of herself whilst lying on her bed. In punishment Auntie Jayne had dressed and painted me like a Sissy Slut and informed me that I would be dressing as a Sissy Girl for the remainder of my stay! She had then gone on to humiliate me and degrade me and "forced" me to admit what a naughty, dirty Sissy slut I was! The strange part was, part of me had actually enjoyed it....craved it....wanted it even!! One thing was for certain; this was going to be a very eventful stay and my life would never be the same....

Now...Auntie had prepared dinner and we were sitting at the table opposite each other. She had removed my butt-plug and handcuffs but left me dressed in my white, clingy dress, tight panties, stockings and heels. My bottom now felt strangely empty without the plug and I almost missed its presence inside of me but suspected it wouldn't be long before Auntie slipped it back inside of me. It was all part of my new "Training" and for the first time, began to wonder if all these events had been set up and orchestrated from the moment I discovered her used panties lying under her pillow...

"Auntie Jayne," I asked tentatively, "Why are you doing this to me? Why are you trying to make me into a Sissy Girl?" "Why, because it's what you wanted..." Auntie replied, "Are you forgetting how I found you not long after you first arrived? I still have the pictures to prove it!" "I think you set me up!" I retorted, "I think you left that photo and your panties there for me to find! I think you always knew what was going to happen when I found them!" "Maybe so, maybe so..." Auntie Jayne smiled that wicked smile of hers again, "But you fell into the trap, didn't you Danielle? And you've not complained since we started or tried to stop any of this from happening so I think we both know what you really want! Do you know honestly why your mum sent you here to stay with me? Do you?"
She asked. I shook my head. "It's because she found her dirty panti
es hidden beneath your mattress," Auntie told me. "It's because she saw the kind of dirty, mucky magazines you know the ones with boys like yourself dressed up like Sissy Girls; it's because she was worried you were turning into a dirty, Sissy faggot just like your father and that's why she sent you here to help straighten you out! But this," she continued, "this is sooooo much more fun!"

This was the second time today that Auntie Jayne had mentioned my father; a "man" who had abandoned me and my mother when I was very small. I had never heard
the full story but had learnt that his leaving had been in some way linked to my Auntie Jayne, mum's sister, who had been disgraced from the family for posing for the kind of pictures I had discovered earlier. How and why she had been involved, I had never found it looked as though I was finally going to learn the truth....

{To Be Continued....}

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