Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First Time Caught And Feminised {part one}

Picture the scene....It's your day off and as soon as your wife leaves the house for work, you leap out of the bed in excitement. The cool satin sheets have left you feeling all excited and horny as usual and you can't wait to have a bath and make yourself all feminine. You shaved your legs a few days ago in preparation for this day and you can't wait to spend it as your alter-ego, Amiee.

You pick the most feminine-smelling bath oil you can find from your wife's dresser and run yourself a nice hot bath. After a quick soak in the tub, you wrap yourself in a pink, fluffy towel and sit down to apply your subtle, understated make-up complete with that naughty wet-look lip gloss that you purchased in secret several weeks ago but have not had opportunity yet to wear. Then it's time to put on your lingerie..... You reach into the laundry basket and pick out the black satin panties your wife wore the night before; lifting them to your nose briefly so you can inhale their musky scent and feeling your little clitty twitch as you do so. Then, you go to the secret compartment hidden in the bottom of the wardrobe and pull out your own secret stash of sexy lingerie that you bought on Valentines a few years back and which you keep for special occasions such as this. With a trembling, practised hand, you slip into your lacy black basque and slide in your breast forms; gliding your hands down the sexy material of the basque as you do so and stifling a little moan. Next comes a pair of black nylon stockings, topped with lace, that you slowly slide up your legs; attaching them to the suspenders of your basque and pulling the straps nice and tight. Your wife's panties come after that (and again, you struggle to suppress a moan) and a pair of black, strappy 5" heels that you bought from an Internet auction site for your birthday and told your wife had been delivered to the wrong address. Finally, you don the dark, flowing wig you bought from a little shop in Soho and a pair of long black elbow-length satin gloves. Turning, you admire yourself in the mirror, the image of a sexy, hot thirty-something female greeting you in reflection..and you huskily whisper the words "hello Amiee" as you stroke yourself down the length of your basque; up your nylon-clad thighs and finally through your wife's dirty panties.

And that is when you hear the noise behind you....
Somehow, your wife has come back from work and slipped silently back into the house and up the stairs without you even hearing her! Before you can speak or even try to utter some kind of explanation, she has slipped her hands around you and begun fondling your breast forms through the material of the basque. Still dressed in her work clothes, black stockings, heels and skirt, white silk blouse and no bra indicating she was intending to catch you, one hand then moves down to caress your ass through your panties before moving to the front and sliding one manicured nail along the length of your clitty, which, by now, is rock hard with excitement. "Very nice..." she whispers in your ear, "Very nice indeed. I think you and I need to have a little talk, don't you?"She turns you around to face her and looks straight into your mascaraed eyes with undisguised lust and wanton abandon, now no longer teasing your clitty but stroking and caressing it through the tight satin of her panties. "But first," she says, "I think we need to take care of this..."

Slowly, one hand still fondling you through the lace basque, your wife falls to her knees. She slips down your panties just far enough to allow your little clitty to peek out the top and slides her lips around its tip. You both moan in unison as her mouth then proceeds to engorge your cock and slide up and down its length. "Hmmm..." she gasps, "You taste just like my pussy..." and she begins working your clitty with both her glossy red lips and her sexily painted nails in turn. It is not long before you are close to cumming and, realising this, your wife stands up, grabs you and throws you onto the bed. "God, you don't know how wet it gets me, seeing you dressed like this..." she tells you then grabs your gloved hand and slides it into her panties beneath her short black skirt. "Fuck me..." she pants, "Be my naughty painted little slut" and uses your hand to push her knickers to one side revealing the swollen folds of her labia. She gently teases your clitty with her pussy lips before sinking down and taking the full extent of your length inside her. "Oh, sooo big," she moans, "Soooo hard. I've never known you as hard as this! Fuck me baby, fuck me like the dirty little slut you are." You start pumping into her with a passion you never knew existed and it is not long before the two of you are close. Your lip-sticked, painted mouths clash; your tongues slipping inside of each other's lips and you find yourselves moaning together as your gloved hands slide across her breasts through her white silk blouse. She's not wearing any bra and your fingers pinch her nipples as she comes once, twice, three times in quick succession until, finally, you too explode; filling her pussy with your hot, molten juices and causing her to scream out loud in your shared ectasy.

She rolls off you and lies there on the crumpled satin sheets besides you; spent with sheer exhaustion and glowing with post-coital bliss. "We really DO need to have that talk..." she tells you as she reaches over and softly takes your hand. Your body quivers with the joint excitement and thrill of what you know must now be to that your guilty secret has finally been discovered and you know, in your heart, that this is just the beginning.....

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