Thursday, April 15, 2010

Auntie Jayne takes a firm hand...{Part Three- The Training begins...}

The first thing that Auntie Jayne did was order me to strip. "Put this on," she commanded and threw me a baby blue satin bath-robe that barely covered my thighs. "First rule," she said, "No arguments! You do what I tell you when I tell you and that means NO TOUCHING! From now on, no cummies unless Auntie Jayne says so and believe me, I WILL know if you break this rule, you WILL be punished and trust me, you won't like the punishment!! Second rule, under my roof you only wear female clothes and answer to the name of Danielle. Third rule, every day you will bathe thoroughly using only the feminine products found in my bathroom and spray yourself with lots of girly perfume ~ I want you smelling like the sissy gurl you are and I want no one mistaking you for a boy. Fourth rule ~ every time I DO allow you to cum, I want you to eat all of it up! As a gurl, you are going to have to learn to love the taste and there's no better place to start than with your own Sissy cream! All the stuff you brought with you, the stuff you packed, goes into storage and, at the end of your stay here, you can have it back....if you still want it!" She let out a small chuckle. What did she mean "if I still wanted it?" I wondered, of course I would still want it. None of this was permanent, it was just while I was staying here wasn't it? At no point did I think to question or challenge Auntie. Somehow I could sense that getting caught pleasuring myself in her lingerie had changed radically the dynamics of my situation and that now there was no question, if there ever had been, that Auntie Jayne was in charge!!

"There's a hot bath waiting in the suite at the end of the hall," Auntie told me,"Us
e the cream I have left on the side, it will remove all that nasty masculine body hair you are starting to grow, then put on the clothes I have left you in your bedroom. When you are ready, we can start your first lesson ~ how to apply make-up ~ then there'll just be time for your first initiation training session before dinner! Don't be long, if Auntie thinks you're starting to play with your little clitty without permission then Auntie will not be happy!" "Auntie Jayne," I protested one last time,"please, why are you doing this? I'm not a girl, I'm not gay, I'm not some prissy faggot sissy!" "Maybe not yet," auntie Jayne said with a very knowing smile, "But there's still time! Besides, I think these pictures tell a very different story!" She held up the camera. Reluctantly I nodded. Right now, it seemed, she had me over a barrel; I had no room to argue and for now it was probably best just to do as I was told before I really did start testing her patience!

I entered the bathroom and was instantly greeted by the sweet smelling aroma of feminine bath foam that I found almost hypnotic and more than a little bit soothing. Dropping the robe to the floor, I found the cream Auntie had mentioned and liberally spread it all over my body. The bottle said to wait two minutes and then wash it off. Climbing into the bath minutes later, I was somewhat distressed to see what little body hair I had literally falling off my body! Remembering Auntie's warning not to touch myself, I quickly cleaned myself in the bath and, stepping out, sprayed the girly perfume she had left me all over my body. The scent was something I had never heard of before called Cute As Candi and smelled very flowery and girly. Smelling this, there was no possibility anyone would mistake me for being a boy, I thought and quickly donned my satin robe again before walking back into my new bedroom.

Auntie had left me out a full set of pure white satin lingerie that included naughty knickers, a basque with suspenders, stockings and some heels. The panties were a thong style, a size too small, and as I put them on I could feel them pull tight between the cheeks of my bottom. I had just attached my stockings to the suspenders and put on my 5" heels when Auntie slipped in behind me carrying a pair of jelly forms and some special make-up glue. "Thought you might like these," she said, "to help you feel more feminine ~ at least until you get your own...." "My own...?"I spluttered. "Oh yes, "said Auntie Jayne with a smile,"after all if you are going to be a Sissy gurl, then you are going to need to have your own titties!" She let out another of her disconcerting laughs before pulling down my basque, smearing my chest with the glue and attaching both the breast forms. Instantly I could feel the extra weight on my chest but suddenly the lingerie seemed to fit so much better! "There," said Auntie gently pushing back my basque, "that glue should hold until the end of the week and doesn't that feel better?" I tried to resist nodding but suddenly I found myself feeling much more feminine and girly and really couldn't help myself! "No need for a wig," she continued, "Your natural long red hair already makes you look like a pretty girly gurl but it'll need styling at some stage if you're really going to pass. Now, time for some make-up!" She pulled me to my feet and lead me over to the dressing table....

My first make-up lesson lasted around ninety minutes. Auntie Jayne showed me what to use to get the most feminine results and how to apply it before letting me have a go making up my face. My first attempts were less than successful, leaving me looking like a very drunk drag queen, and it was not long before Auntie soon took over. Upon completion, gazing into the mirror, even I would've had a hard time believing I was a boy! "Never mind," Auntie Jayne told me reassuringly, "there's plenty of time for you to learn and I have some DVDs that you can watch that may just help you! It WAS your first time after all! Now bend over the dresser and look at yourself properly in the mirror." Reluctantly, knowing that it was too late now ~ I had started down my slippery slope of forced feminization and there was no turning back, I did as I was told. "What's your name?" Auntie Jayne asked me, reaching round and gently fondling my firm, false breasts. "Danielle," I replied huskily, licking my heavily glossed lips sensually and looking every ounce a hot, sexy vixen. "And what are you?" she asked, her hands moving lower; one fingernail tracing my aching clit through my panties as the other caressed my bottom. "I...I don't know Auntie," I whimpered. "A dirty, naughty Sissy Slut," she told me then urged me to repeat it. "My name is Danielle," I recited, "and I am a dirty...naughty....Sissy Slut!" I let out a loud moan as her fingers brushed against the tip of my now throbbing erection, trapped inside its tight, white prison of my Aunts satin panties. "Again..." she urged me, "but this time, feel your titties as you say the words!"

Reaching up, I fondled myself through my sexy satin basque as I recited the words again. "My name is Danielle," I moaned, "And I am a dirty....naughty.....Sissy Slutttt.....such a naughty...dirty.... Sissy Slut!" I gasped as Auntie Jayne slid down the back of my panties and somethng cold, wet and moist slipped between my arse cheeks! It was a second before I realised it was her finger and that she was gently applying some kind of lube whilst, at the same time, sexily fingering my rosebud! "Auntie...oh Auntie, please...don't...that is, I never..." I began then broke into a moan as I felt first one then another finger slip deep inside of me. The front of my panties was now wet with pre-cum and, with her other hand, Auntie now began smearing it all across my knickers. I was close to exploding and Auntie Jayne kne
w it as she whispered to me again, "Say the words Danielle...say the words Auntie wants to hear!"

"MY NAME IS DANIELLE AND I AM A NAUGHTY, DIRTY SISSY SLUT!" I screamed as Auntie's fingers worked even harder in and out my asshole, faster and faster, stimulating my prostate. "MY NAME IS DANIELLE....AND I AM A NAUGHTY....DIRTY....SISSY....SLUTTTTTTTT!" I felt my cock exploding for the second time that day as hot, wet cum flooded my satin panties and coated Auntie's fingers. I had never felt so good, so satisfied and yet, at the same time, so humiliated as I suddenly realised that not just the curtains but also my bedroom window facing the street had been left slightly open and that anyone passing by outside would no doubt have just seen and heard me cumming like a little Sissy gurl!! Auntie held up her fingers for me to lick clean then, impatiently sensing my reluctance, smeared my own sticky juices all across my painted lips until I finally opened up! Reaching down to my soiled panties, Auntie Jayne scooped up more of my hot jizz for her to taste herself. She let out a soft moan as each finger entered her mouth and I
saw her tongue slip out and lick her lips as she too savoured the flavour of my enjoyment.....

"That Darling," she told me, "was just the beginning. Just wait and see what I have in store for you next whilst I'm preparing dinner! God, I'm going to have sooo much fun with you! Your training has barely even begun...and you're already a filthy, dirty little slut! I can't wait to start unlocking your full potential!!!" My whole body trembled in excitement at what my sexy Aunt had planned for me during my stay here and I felt my little clitty getting hard again already! "Just you wait and see..." she said, feeling my excitement!! "If you enjoyed what happened just now, you are simply going to love what's cumming next you horny little bitch...."

{To Be Continued...}

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